Leyton 17 Canada ontario

I’d really love to successfully take my life right now 👌

  -  15 April

shayxoxpride asked: Unf

To Be Honest: I’m so very thankful for you
First Impression: don’t remember :/
Rate 1-10: 10+
Date or Pass: date
Would I go out with you: mhm
Have I ever had a crush on you: PFFTT yeah ;)
We Should: become close again
You Are: my #1

Anonymous asked: i thought you quit smoking bud

I know it’s you and it didn’t say it for me, that’s Dana’s dope and if you could read, bro I’m not Dana I’m a week clean fuck off

  -  14 April

jocebawse asked: unf

To Be Honest: I miss talking to you
First Impression: I love your hair
Rate 1-10: 10
Date or Pass: pass
Would I go out with you: to places, of course
Have I ever had a crush on you: nope
We Should: start talking again
You Are: a wonderful, interesting person

  -  14 April
I desperately need a new URL

Give me ideas or trade :D ?